I am a photographer and writer based in a small fishing village in Down East Maine.

The rural northeast is the inspiration for the photographs I've been making since I moved north in 2007. I look for patterns and textures created by fences, tilled rows, and weathered buildings in the landscapes occupied by farms, and I'm inspired by the working boats and aging wharfs of the Maine coast. On a smaller scale, I seek out local produce fresh from the farm or garden, sometimes with the soil still clinging to it. I use dramatic lighting to create classic still lifes of the harvest.

Another approach I take to photography is shooting abstract or impressionist images that are intended to go beyond reproducing a beautiful scene in order to unveil its emotional content: the serenity of a bird sanctuary, the bone-deep chill following a snowstorm, the exuberant and unexpected palette of fall colors, the bleak monotony of a winter landscape, the fair-weather promise of a pleasure boat on the water, the riot and cacaphony of a busy city street in India.

The abstract effects are often created by breaking the traditional rules of photography: moving the camera rather than holding it steady, using a slower exposure than necessary, and embracing soft edges rather than sharp focus.

Some of the effects are created or enhanced in the digital darkroom with specialized software.

I have exhibited at the Baboo Imaging in New York City, RiverWinds Gallery at Wells Fargo (Rhinebeck, NY), Barrett Art Center (Poughkeepsie, NY), Millbrook (NY) Free Library, and Red Devon Restaurant in Bangall, NY.

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