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A collection of images, both representational and abstract, that I've made around Lubec and Campobello in recent years.
Fog Lifting/Lubec WaterfrontFog Lifting/Pope's Folly PanoramaFog Lifting at Pope's FollyHead Harbour LightSail Rock, West Quoddy HeadCon Robinson Point, Campobello IslandMaine's Bold CoastPostcard from MaineLubec MoonsetWest Quoddy Head Light House, Lubec, MEHead Harbour Light (East Quoddy Light House), CampobelloLubec FogLubec FogMowry Beach, LubecGreen Point, Lubec, MaineLubec SunriseCampobello Forest Floor #1Campobello Forest Floor #2Campobello Forest Floor #3Campobello Forest Floor #4